Construction for Kids

What is Construction for Kids All About?


The Trust were recently approached by Audrey Chamberlain of Woodside School with regards to helping young individuals to gain a knowledge and an interest in the world of construction.


Woodside school is a large Bexley Special Needs School situated in Upper Belvedere.  They have 200 pupils aged 5 years – 16 years all of whom have moderate learning difficulties, with some pupils having Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Down’s syndrome, Speech & Language Difficulties, other Syndromes, Medical Needs and Social and Emotional Needs.


In order to overcome barriers to learning they have a range of strategies and approaches for class groups and individuals which includes ensuring that all learning is differentiated and provided as far as possible through practical and 1st hand experiences.


This year they were lucky enough to recruit a very good construction tutor and they have a pilot group of 7 pupils full time + 2-3 younger pupils on a part time basis, who are successfully learning through construction.  Through this very practical approach they are also able to take their accreditations in English and Maths.  This group have one classroom base and they have been allocated a garage as a workshop.  They are undertaking practical tasks around the school such as wall pointing, building, painting and carpentry and they are now ready to take on small jobs within the local community. 


The outcomes for the pupils will make a long term difference to these young people’s life chances in that :-

  • these pupils will become better engaged and motivated to stay in education
  • their attendance will improve
  • the problem solving will assist these pupils in their adult lives both within the home and work place
  • the working together as a team will improve their social communication skills providing these early opportunities for them it may lead them to securing a working future in construction and by entering college able to take a higher level qualification.


One obstacle remains, they lack funding or help with supply of tools and materials to practice with and enhance their skills so that one day they will be ready to work on a construction site were they will learn a trade and become part of our great industry.


How Can You Help

So, guys how do we help? We all have extra materials such as bricks, sand, cement, timber etc that goes to waste on our sites. Wouldn’t it be great to recycle these rather than send it to the dump?


You all have old tools that could be passed on, wheel barrows, shovels, you may even have some small plant such as a cement mixer that may be old but still usable. The list goes on – in fact it’s attached.


In the past you guys have been brilliant in supporting our fundraising days, but, this is different.  Can you help us make a difference for the potential youngster who may one day work and earn a living in the construction industry.


We have already recieved pledges of support from Russell Trew for supplying safety equipment, eye shields, ear defenders and gloves and also Paul Mott for supplying old computer equipment.


Thank You.





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